Electrical Emergencies

We're here for you any time​!

Call Equity Electric immediately ​if you have an electrical emergency around your home!

  • Call (405) 971-4098 immediately!
  • ​Available ​7 days a week
  • ​Servicing all areas of the city
  • ​Fully licensed & experienced​
  • ​All electrical emergencies
  • ​Expert advice until we arrive

​We’ll guide you through minimizing any further damage to your home until our electrician arrives on site. 

At Equity Electric Services we’re committed to providing you with top quality service for a reasonable price. Our electricians have seen it all, which means a quicker diagnosis and repair for you, saving both time and money!

Equity Electric - Electrical Emergencies

​Whatever your emergency, call us at (405) 971-4098 or use the form provided and we’ll help get the situation resolved.

​We Do It All

Whether you’re building a New Home​, Remodeling & Upgrading or need Service & Repairs, we can help!

​Trusted Service & Repairs

​​Our concern is always for your safety. We all need electricity, but we often forget the danger it can present when something goes wrong. Give us a call if you are worried about anything ​with your electrical system. You can trust our team of professionals to make any repairs correctly, quickly, and at a fair price.

Equity Electric - Trusted Service & Repairs
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